Covid Safety

Keeping You Safe at Futura Hair Salon in Exeter

After the Government’s announcement of the 12th of July, 2021 and a further review of every aspect of your salon experience with us, we have implemented a Health and Safety regime whose standards remain as high as possible whilst allowing for the relaxations set out in the Government’s new guidelines.

What You Can Expect

  • All services currently remain by appointment only - Please call the salon (01392 213217) to book your service.
  • You are now free to enter the salon without needing to call us for access or queue up outside.
  • Please aim to arrive at the salon just before your appointment to reduce waiting times.
  • You will then be asked the standard COVID symptom questions, after which your stylist will guide you to your seat.
  • Our “COVID Declaration Form” will no longer need to be filled out, however if you use the “NHS COVID-19 Track & Trace” app on your phone, our QR code will be available for you to check-in if you so choose.
  • Disposable masks (if you don’t already have one) and garment covers are available for you at reception. We encourage you to wear a mask whilst at the salon but this is now a matter of personal choice. Staff have been advised to continue wearing masks whilst in close contact with guests.
  • Stylists will also continue to regularly wash their hands and use sanitising gel both throughout the day and
    in between client appointments (after sanitising/preparing your station).
  • Sanitising gels are also available for you to use throughout the salon, including each station and bathrooms.
  • The number of available stations and back-wash sinks will remain reduced and our screens will stay in place between each workstation.
  • Every station will continue to be sanitised before each client visit.
  • Gowns & towels are washed & dried after every use at over 60°C.
  • A “Traffic Light” system remains for bathroom visits to ensure you do not accidentally bump into anyone.
  • Every area of the salon is deep cleaned and disinfected before opening every day.
  • Hot & cold refreshments are now fully available and will be served in sanitised cups or disposable bottles.
  • All payments are now processed at reception after your service is completed (Pre-payment of your service at the time of booking your appointment is no longer required). We encourage cashless payment where possible.
  • For children’s appointments and for guests with carers, the reception area is now open for the parent/guardian or carer to sit in during the appointment.
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If you start to feel unwell leading up to your appointment, develop a temperature, dry cough or a loss/change in your sense of taste/smell, please call the salon (01392 213217) and we’ll reschedule your visit.