Covid Safety

Keeping You Safe at Futura Hair Salon in Exeter

After an extensive review of every aspect of your salon experience with us, we’ve implemented a Health and Safety regime whose standards are even higher than those set out in the Government’s current guidelines. 

All staff have attained the International BARBICIDE® Infection Control and BARBICIDE® COVID-19 Salon Industry Certifications, making the salon a “Certified Safe Service Establishment”.

Our procedures have also been audited by the Good Salon Guide, certifying that our COVID-19 health & safety measures are maintained to a high standard and are in place to help keep both staff and clients safe.

What you can expect:

  • All services are currently by appointment only – Please call the salon (01392 213217) to book your service.
  • Aim to arrive at the salon just before your appointment and call the salon to gain access – Please stand in the queuing area outside the salon to avoid bumping into anyone that might be leaving the salon when you arrive.
  • When you enter the salon, you’ll be asked to have your temperature taken using an Infra-red thermometer
  • (If you do have a temperature, we’ll need to reschedule your visit). Your stylist will then guide you to your seat.
  • Disposable masks (if you don’t already have one), sanitising get and garment covers are available for you at reception.
  • Sanitising gels are also available throughout the salon, including each station and bathrooms.
  • Screens are in place between each working station.
  • The number of available stations and back-wash sinks have been reduced to help maintain social distancing between clients in these areas.
  • Every station is sanitised before each client visit.
  • Gowns & towels are washed & dried after every use at over 60°C.

Our Stylists

  • Each stylist will be wearing a visor and type 2 face mask throughout your appointment.
  • Stylists will also be regularly washing their hands and using sanitising gel both throughout the day and between client appointments (after sanitising/preparing your station).
  • A “Traffic Light” system has been introduced for bathroom visits to ensure you don’t accidentally bump into anyone.
  • Every area of the salon is deep cleaned and disinfected before opening every day.
    For the time being, refreshments have been limited to bottled mineral water only (still and sparkling). Please feel free to bring your own refreshments if you prefer but please take them with you when you leave the salon.
  • To further reduce exposure and time spent in the salon, all appointments are now cashless with payments processed at the time of booking.
  • Our reception area is closed until further notice, so please come alone to your appointment. We have made provisions for children’s appointments and for clients with carers to attend on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, where a work station will be made available for the guardian or carer to sit at during the appointment.

If you start to feel unwell leading up to your appointment, develop a temperature, dry cough or a loss/change in your sense of taste/smell, please call the salon (01392 213217) and we’ll reschedule your visit.

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