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As a leading, forward-thinking salon, we are always looking for new ways to revolutionise our hair colouring techniques at Futura Hair Salon in Devon. One of the top trending hair colouring techniques that many of our clients ask for is a be-you-tiful balayage! This involves our professional hair colour experts hand painting a lighter hair colour onto the ends and mid-lengths of your hair for a fun, fierce look that appears stunningly sun-kissed.

We create the best bespoke balayage hair colours at our award-winning Exeter salon, which is one of the many reasons we received a 5 star rating on Good Salon Guide! When you visit Futura Hairdressing Salon, it’s all about you and your hair. Your hair is in good hands when you visit our Devon salon as we’ll take care of your hair and leave you feeling perfectly pampered!

Our expert team of hairstylists stay ahead of the latest hair colouring techniques so that we can provide you with trendsetting hairstyles that will leave everyone going WOW. We are proud to use an eco-friendly brand, EveryGreen, to ensure long-lasting, stunning, sensational hair colour results that you will love. When it comes to balayage, we’ve got you covered baby – from strikingly bold balayage to perfect pastel balayage & even sultry smoky balayage, whatever you desire we can create!

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What’s The Difference Between Balayage & Ombré? 

The key to fabulous hair is to know your stuff, which is why we’re here to help you with a quick low-down on the latest terms for the hottest hair colouring techniques. Balayage and ombré are similar in that highlights are applied to your hair in either foils or hand-painted for a totally trendy look tailored to you.

Now, the difference is that balayage creates a more natural, sun-kissed hair colour. So, when your friends ask where you’ve been on holiday, be sure to tell them Futura Hair Salon!

While, ombré creates a more noticeable shift where your hair colour gradually blends from dark to lighter from the roots to the tips of your hair. What we love about both the balayage and ombré hair colour techniques is that they look seriously stunning on short, medium or long length hair. Meaning everyone can rock a totally on-trend & super stylish hair colour!

Top Blonde Balayage Hair Colours

Want to find out if blondes really do have more fun, but not quite ready to commit to a block colour of blonde hair colour? Well, blonde balayage is the perfect way to break onto the scene as a beautiful blonde bombshell whilst still retaining some of your natural hair colour!

Whether you want icy white blonde hair colour that makes you feel like a snow queen, or perfect platinum blonde balayage that leave you shining like a diamond, or even beautiful buttery blonde tones that make your heart melt…at Futura Hair Salon in Exeter, we create the best blonde balayage that will have you turning heads in no time.

Have Fun With A Fierce Fashion Coloured Balayage & Ombré 

Have fun with your hair and try out a fun fashion coloured balayage or ombré! Try out a hot new hair colour like a sensational smoky-grey balayage or stand out with a shining silver ombre! Release your inner diva with a deep purple ombre or feel pretty in pink with a pastel pink balayage. Visit Futura Hair Salon for the best balayage hair colour in Devon!

Help! My Home Balayage Has Gone Bad! 

Using home hair dye kits is a big no-no as they can easily go wrong and you don’t receive the professional & gorgeous salon results we provide at Futura Hair Salon! DIY balayage at home is easy to mess up as it’s one of the hardest hair colouring techniques that our expert colourists have been highly trained in.

Luckily for you, we are the best hairdressers in Exeter, meaning we can fix whatever hair colour disaster you’ve had…whether your home balayage application turned your hair brassy or yellow, there’s a harsh band of colour, or you have unwanted warm tones throughout your hair.

At Futura Hairdressing Salon, we’ll repair your hair by blending out any harsh lines & toning any wrong colours so that you end up with the perfect balayage you were originally after!

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Look and feel like a queen at Futura Hair Salon in Exeter, where we will treat you like royalty! Whether you want a be-you-tiful balayage or an awesome ombré, make sure to visit our Devon salon by booking online or call us on 01392 213 217.